Maria Espinoza Joins Texas and 25 Other States to Stop Obama’s Amnesty. Culberson Votes with President. Supreme Court to Rule.

The Supreme Court of the United States has announced it will rule on the Obama administration’s appeal of the Texas district court ruling that struck down Obama’s 2014 end run around Congress and established unilateral amnesty for illegal aliens. If the Court rules in favor of the Administration, it will mean that millions of illegal aliens would be granted driver’s licenses and work permits, instantly creating millions of new Democrat voters in time for the 2016 Presidential elections.  The original appeal of Obama’s actions, led by Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott and twenty-five other states, resulted in the Texas’ Southern District Court imposing an injunction against Obama’s sinister amnesty action. Obama’s plan was to allow over 5 million illegal aliens, including alien criminal felons, to remain in the United States indefinitely, sweetened with a pathway to citizenship. This action, highly discriminatory, would push legal immigrants and permanent residents who have honorably waited in line for several years to the back of the immigration bus.

Upon Obama’s appeal at the New Orleans’ 5th Circuit Court, Maria Espinoza, National Director of The Remembrance Project, filed a friend-of-the-court (amicus curiae) brief opposing Obama, and in support of Texas, and the other twenty-five states that sued to stop this fundamental change in American immigration policy.

Espinoza, who declared her candidacy for U.S. Congress in Texas District 7, said, “For far too long, Americans and legal immigrants have had their voices silenced and their demands ignored when it comes to the crime of illegal immigration. And let me be clear—every act of illegal trespassing onto our sacred land is a crime. It’s one of homeland invasion. Its one of rejection of our uniquely American culture. And all to often, this crime of illegal entry results in rapes, murders, assaults, and drunk driving homicides against innocent, law abiding citizens. It is time for the insanity of the invasion to stop! With cautious optimism, I pray that justice for Americans will be upheld and that the Supreme Court will reject Mr. Obama’s arrogant and reckless executive amnesty.”

Espinoza, decrying the recent ill advised votes of her incumbent opponent, continued, “Representative Culberson had an opportunity to stop Obama, but instead chose to empower him.  My opponent claims to support measures to secure our border and protect us from our enemies, yet he voted for the recent $1.1 trillion omnibus, fully funding Obama’s amnesty and knowingly allowing tens of thousands of unvetted Syrian and Middle Eastern “migrants” direct access into Texas communities! 

When I am in Congress, I will stand committed to your values, your beliefs, your concerns for your family’s safety. You, and all Texans and our fellow citizens across America, deserve much more from your voice in Washington. I am someone who will actually keep her word, and not use it as a political slogan.”

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