Maria Espinoza Announces New Endorsements

Maria Espinoza, Republican Congressional Candidate for District 7, announced additions to her list of endorsements.


Tom Tancredo

Former Congressman from CO and 2008 Presidential Candidate

Having known Maria and of her work for many years now, I am proud to be an enthusiastic supporter of her campaign for Congress. In my lifetime, I do not believe there has been a time of greater peril for this country. Our physical security and societal homogeneity are threatened by forces of the cult of multiculturalism in ways we, as a nation, have never experienced. For years people came from all over the world, from every race, creed and color to become Americans. The sense of what that meant that was the glue that held us together. That glue is dissolving, and with it, our “one nation, under God.” Maria Espinosa understands this more than most and will be an articulate spokesperson against cultural genocide. God’s speed to you Maria. Tom Tancredo, Former Member of Congress”


Ray Hunt – Law enforcement leader

Houston, Texas

I met Maria Espinoza six (6) years ago while testifying before the State Affairs Committee in Austin. She has been a true champion in her work to keep Texas families safe and working to end safe-havens for criminal illegal aliens. Maria Espinoza is a stalwart champion for conservatism, and her work to secure America’s borders in the face of massive political resistance is remarkable. As the founder and national director of The Remembrance Project, she has seen first-hand the devastation illegal immigration has wrought upon individuals, families, communities throughout America. Illegals flock to Houston because it is a ‘safe- haven’ for those illegally in the United States. Maria is a consistent and steady voice for liberty, freedom, and justice. We need more people like Maria who can single-handedly affect not only Texas, but the nation.”


Pamela Geller

President, American Freedom Defense Initiative and author of “The Post-American Presidency”

Maria Espinoza is a woman of principle and integrity — just what we need the most in Congress today. Maria will stand with other patriots in Congress against the Democrats’ onslaught against our national security, and fight fiercely in defense of our freedom of speech, work to stop the flood of jihadi refugees, and take realistic steps to deal with the jihad threat. Maria Espinoza is exactly the kind of Representative we need to turn this nation around after eight years of Obama have brought us to the brink of catastrophe.”


Kent Terry – brother of slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry

Maria fights bravely for the values she believes in and provides a voice to many of us who don’t have a voice in the political process today. She has been at the forefront in the fight against the illegal alien invasion, challenging the federal and state bureaucracies, supporting families of victims murdered by illegals, and exposing egregious government abuses of those families in the court system.

Maria is a full-spectrum, liberty-movement conservative and will work with fellow conservatives to bring fiscal sanity and robust national security back to Washington, D.C. I support Maria wholeheartedly, and I urge you to do the same.

Once in Washington, American families will have a true friend in Maria Espinoza.”





Alvin TEA Party Patriots

Alvin TEA Party Patriots have so appreciated Maria Espinoza’s tireless efforts for bringing the horrors of our country’s porous border to the attention of politicians in Austin, Washington DC, and across the country. Through her efforts with The Remembrance Project and America First Latinos, Maria has worked relentlessly to put forth the stories and faces of families who have lost loved ones. She does this because she knows that the media and politicians are able to discount the tragedy of illegal aliens killing American citizens when the victims remain faceless. Maria is determined that Americans know it is their children, brothers and sisters, parents, neighbors, church members, law enforcement personnel and the clerk who checked you out just last week whose lives have been cut short because of the “accepted” open borders in our country, and particularly in Texas. Maria Espinoza is a true conservative across the board, she doesn’t just play one on TV. She makes no apologies for working for conservative principles of fiscal responsibility, limited Constitutional government and free markets. We’ve never seen Maria back down in her fight for conservative principles in all the years we have known her. We are proud to endorse Maria for Texas’ 7th Congressional District.”



Tom Tancredo, Former Congressman from CO and 2008 Presidential Candidate

Pamela Geller, President, American Freedom Defense Initiative

Tanya Robertson, SREC Committeewoman Senatorial District 11

Steve Damiani, Precinct Chair 133

Erich Wolz, Precinct Chair 255

Mike Bristow, Precinct Chair 881

Dale Huls, Precinct Chair 655

David M. Wilson, Precinct Chair 923, Director of the Cypress Texas Tea Party

David Farrington, Precinct Chair 713

Larry Korkmas, Precinct Chair 492,  President of TFIRE

Jeanne Hall, Precinct Chair 944

Franciska Walker, Precinct Chair 992

Phillip Webb, Precinct Chair 474

JoAnn McCracken, Precinct Chair 207

Janet Thomas, Precinct Chair 305

Fred Blanton, Precinct Chair 263

Micheline Hutson, Precinct Chair 980

Ed Vidal, Hispanic Coordinator, Engagement Committee, Harris County Republican Party

Wendy Alexander, Past President of Kingwood Area Republican Women

Mary Huls, Clear Lake Tea Party, RER Radio, & Texas Border Volunteer

Heidi Hansing, Clear Lake Tea Party, RER Radio & Texas Border Volunteer Member

Pedro Rivera, Vice President of Pearland Tea Party

Carolyn Korkmas, Board Member of TFIRE

Peter Batura

Sharon Hicks

Charleen Gonzalez, Widow of Dr. Mario Gonzalez

Laura Wilkerson

George Wilkerson

Dan Golvach

Julie Golvach

Philip Waite

Sharon Waite

Kirk Mahoney, Ph.D.

Eunice Mahoney, LMSW-IPR

Bill Landes – Former State Director & Current Board Member of Minuteman Civil Defense Corp. Project of FL

John and JoBeth Ladd – Border Rancher

Fred and Peggy Davis – Border Rancher

Mike and Linda Vickers – Border Ranchers

Tim Donnelly– Former California Assemblyman

Margaret W. Adelsberger – Co-Founder Pennsylvanians for Immigration control and Enforcement (PA4ICE)


Law Enforcement

Kent Terry– Brother of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry

Hector Garza

Sheriff Richard Mack, President of Constitutional Sheriffs of America

OSSO– Organization of Spanish Speaking Officers


Organizations and Groups

ALIPAC– Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

TFIRE– Texans for Immigration Reduction & Enforcement

NCFIRE– North Carolinians for Immigration Reform & Enforcement

Burleson County Tea Party

Texas Battleground Tea Party

Arlington Tea Party

We The People Rising 

NE Tarrant Tea Party

McAllen Tea Party

Alvin TEA Party Patriots



Ray Hunt, Houston

Hector Garza, Laredo Sector

Chris Cabrera, McAllen Sector