When President Obama, Democrats and Establishment Republicans voted to fast-track the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), activists and lawmakers on both the right and the left were outraged. The agreement gave unilateral authority to Obama to bypass Congress in order to make deals with foreign governments in regard to trade and tariffs. As the American people have seen after 20 years of NAFTA, our country tends to lose when it comes to these “free trade” agreements. TPP  will increase the number of jobs leaving America and the number of work visas for foreign workers. It also gives carte blanche authority to Obama and future presidents to force upon Americans whatever fanciful “global warming/climate change/global cooling” regulations decided by international brokers.

Maria Espinoza, candidate for Congress (TX-7), sides with Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama and other conservatives around the country in rejecting TPP.

Espinoza said, “Our trade imbalances with foreign countries are growing, not shrinking–and this deal will rapidly exacerbate the problem. The American people have had enough of jobs being shipped off to other countries, or jobs in America being supplanted by cheap foreign–and often illegal–labor. Many times the displaced American worker has the humiliating task of training their foreign replacement before being laid off. This insanity must end. Fighting for Americans–not foreigners or corporations–is what I pledge to do in  Congress.”

Even conservatives who generally support free trade reject TPP on the basis of its lopsided advantage to foreign governments and workers and also for the unilateral power it gives President Obama–who has shown time and again he has no qualms rejecting either the Constitution or the will of the American people.

Unsurprisingly, Texas District 7 incumbent John Culberson supported TPP and voted for the bill in the House of Representatives. In fact, despite public calls for all House Republicans to reject this bill, Culberson released a statement in full-throated support of it. This is not what voters in District 7 deserve. Despite his glowing rhetoric written about the bill, his vote proves he is not on the side of Texas working families. His 60% Conservative Review rating only supports this assertion.

Maria Espinoza is a full-spectrum, Liberty Movement conservative and would have sided with Congressional conservatives in voting against TPP. It’s time to send a message to John Culberson, and members like him, that Americans are sick of being deceived.

To learn more about Maria, her campaign for Congress, or to donate/volunteer, please visit www.MariaForAmerica.com.