Desk_Formal-HeadshotMy name is Steve Damiani and I have been a HCRP Pct Chair in Harris County and West U for over 10 years. Please consider my strong endorsement of Maria Espinoza for Congress.

Over the last 20 years, I cannot recall a congressional candidate with more knowledge and experience advocating the great issues of our day. Whether it is security, deficit spending, immigration or life, Maria has advocated our cause long before this election. And it goes without saying that in this day and age, more than ever, it would help us immensely to have a highly qualified Hispanic female advocating these issues in Washington on our behalf. Maria is so much more than talk. In addition to being the Co-founder and National Director for The Remembrance Project, which advocates for families whose loved ones were murdered by illegal immigrants, she’s smartly taken the initiative to organize in 28 states and to bring in other Hispanics, including law enforcement (border patrol, sheriffs and officers) to publicize the issue ignored by the press and politicians. She’s been spreading the word throughout the nation and it’s proven by her national endorsements, which, unlike her
opponents, she did not pay for. She takes the time to attend immigration forums hosted by the dangerous progressives to see what they are up to. Perhaps that’s why they recently tore down many of her 4 x 8 signs, interestingly leaving her opponents’ signs intact right next to hers. Maria is the candidate and activist that the left fear the most. What an awesome voice in Congress Maria would be!

On the other hand, we have our own congressman, John Culberson, and a newcomer, James Lloyd, a sort of Culberson-lite. James is 31 years of age and one detailed report said ( , among other things, that at the time of filing he was registered to vote at his parents’ home. Neither his web site or emails reflect the name of an employer, home ownership, marriage, children or specifics about his work experience.

According to US Senators Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby, Obama will admit nearly 300,000 immigrants and refugees this year from countries with a significant ISIS or al Qaeda presence. Beginning costs to the taxpayers for these admissions this fiscal year alone is $1.7 billion. Refugees have the highest rates of long term public assistance usage. John Culberson voted for this last December (Omnibus, December 2015). With a whopping 80% of the public opposed to accepting dangerous and costly refugees, if there was ever a time to oppose Obama’s budget and take an immigration fight to the public, it is over this very issue. During the previous annual Omnibus budget vote (December 2014), Culberson voted to fully fund Obama’s illegal executive amnesty. Maria’s organization, The Remembrance Project, has filed an Amicus Brief in the lawsuit filed by Texas and 25 other states to stop Obama’s illegal executive amnesty!

Culberson votes conservative on immigration votes that he knows have no chance of passing, but does nothing when he can make a difference. He strongly supports increases in the ultimate killer of professional, middle class jobs, H1-B visas. His 2015 Omnibus vote greatly increased H2-B visas. These visas decimate job opportunities for poor and minority youth, two groups already finding it harder to enter the workforce. Both of these visas incredibly allow American companies to employ foreign workers for jobs that have not even been advertised to American workers. This visa was not even created until 1990 when George H. Bush signed off with the Democrats to give away these much needed jobs to foreign workers.

For his part, James Lloyd doesn’t appear to discuss refugees or H1-B visas anywhere on his web site or the numerous emails he has sent. When he called me on the phone, I asked him what he thought of this, refugees as opposed to amnesty. Other than saying he opposed amnesty, which concerns immigrants already here, he had nothing to say about refugees or H1B and H2B visas. He did say he had worked in the George W. Bush White House on national security. Keep in mind he was no more than 23 years of age at the time. The proof is in the fact that in an election year with unprecedented attention on record jobs being lost to foreigners and the security risks and enormous financial costs posed by refugees, like 8 term Culberson, Culberson-lite is suspiciously quiet.

I encourage you to support Maria.

Steve Damiani

Precinct 133



Tom Tancredo, Former Congressman from CO and 2008 Presidential Candidate
Pamela Geller, President, American Freedom Defense Initiative
Tanya Robertson, SREC Committeewoman Senatorial District 11
Steve Damiani, Precinct Chair 133
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Tim Donnelly– Former California Assemblyman
Margaret W. Adelsberger – Co-Founder Pennsylvanians for Immigration control and Enforcement (PA4ICE)

Law Enforcement
Kent Terry– Brother of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry
Hector Garza
Sheriff Richard Mack, President of Constitutional Sheriffs of America
OSSO– Organization of Spanish Speaking Officers
Scotty Duerksen – Retired 25 years Border Patrol Supervisor; 5 years Marine Squad Leader – Served at U.S. Embassy Beirut Lebanon

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