Dear Friends,

Throughout my work with The Remembrance Project and on into the many long days and nights of my campaign, I have relied on the strong support of great friends from across the nation, and especially here in the 7th District.  We have come a long ways.  The votes and support we received are a direct testament to your hard work and determination.  I could not be more thankful for your help.

To everyone who voted for me, I want you to know I am humbled by your support.

To all the voters in District 7, regardless of who you supported in the Primary, I thank you for exercising the right that so many of our forefathers fought to protect.  I am especially encouraged by the large Republican turnout and what this means for our party’s prospects in November.

I have been fighting for conservative values long before I got into this campaign.  The election results won’t signal an end to that work.  Rather, they represent the beginning of a new chapter in that work.

This process has given me even more insight into how deeply thousands and thousands of hard working Texans want to see conservative leadership restored in our country, how much they long for a safe and secure America and one where the rule of law prevails.  Too often in politics today, those people are forgotten about, but I will continue to be a voice for them.

Again, I appreciate all the support I have received across the 7th District.  Together, we’ll continue playing our part in advancing conservative values and restoring effective conservative leadership to our country.



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